Admit it, you HATE inventory time!


But we can help. We don’t just rent a scale or two, it is a very large part of our business. We have nearly 400 scales, bases and component counters for rent. We have analytical balances and lab balances to count the smallest of pieces. We have floor scales, battery operated scales, stand-alone scales, stainless steel scales and component counters. If you stamp it, mold it or machine it; we can accurately count it and we will make your process more efficient.



Accuracy counts when it shortens inventory time.

Lost production means lost profits. You want your plant shut-down to be as short as possible. Plus, few things are more frustrating than a failed audit which requires inventory re-counts, which involves more time. Accurate scales mean a shorter, more efficient execution of your physical inventory.


Accuracy counts when it promotes satisfaction among inventory personnel.

Announce the upcoming inventory and employees run and hide. Why add to their frustration by making them use sub-standard scales? Higher accuracy requires smaller piece samples. Your personnel will love our scales when they realize they no longer have to count huge samples.


Accuracy counts when it means more profit for your company.

The whole purpose for inventories is to ensure an accurate stock quantity of goods, materials and supplies. Accuracy is the key to avoiding overstock and shortfalls and ultimately, the value of your company. Shouldn’t you insist on the most accurate scales available? You can count on Texas Scales to provide you with counting scales that offer true high-resolution.


Passionately Exceeding Expectation with Precision....



Accuracy is everything! Our 5 lb. scales (many are actually 13 lbs.) are actually lab balances that read by 0. 00002 lbs. compared to the standard 0.0005 ones you may be renting now.

We have the inventory to handle large rentals; we have 50 floor scales and over 120 sample or top scales.